Acoustic demos 2010​-​2012

by Kensho Coast

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Acoustic home recordings from 2010-2012.


released February 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Kensho Coast Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Window In The Waves
Window in the waves

I've been sitting in the sand and finally
I hear the sweet song of the sea
The tide keeps sweeping endlessly
The words that she whispers to me

The sun sets down and still I gaze
To find the window in the waves
And I can realize your distant face...

Far beyond the sea
I hear the melody
I feel, this memory
Once becomes you and me... again

So far away and still so near
No matter how far, your in my arms, my dear
So forget the miles, I'm with you there, I'm in your heart I swear
Your love guides me everywhere...

Distance dies every time I see the sky
and know you see the same as I
Your deepest look lives in my mind
The love, the love within your eyes

I know I've come a long way now
Still we look to the same stars
And I can realize how close you are...

Far beyond the waves
I see these perfect days
They will come our way
and I will kiss your face... again...

The song of the sea, I hear the melody
The window in the waves, I see your shining face

Far beyond the sea
I hear the melody
I know, this memory
Soon becomes you and me... again
Track Name: For Lucy (Sweet Sister Of Mine)
I saw a teardrop fall
From the eyes of my beautiful
Sister, but what's it for?

Coz you are our number one
Go catch the sun, your day's not done
Your daddy's proud of you, so is his son
Your doing fine

When you cry, I’ll try
To wipe away the tears
I tell you there’s no need
To give into your fears
Just don’t forget, I’m here
To whisper in your ear
You’re doing fine…

Sweet sister of mine

I saw the faint trace
Of a smile light up your face
So hold on now, you’ve got the taste…

You are a masterpiece
Of love, laughter and peace
It sounds like you’re the muse of Bob Marley…
So don’t you whine

When you laugh, I say
Now you made my day
There is no better way to keep the blues away
Your smile’s here to stay, your time has come to shine
You’re doing fine…

Sweet sister of mine

When you laugh, you make my day
Your smile keeps the blues away…
Your happiness is her to stay
You’re doing fine… You’re doing fine…

Sweet sister of mine

I love you.
Track Name: I Wish That You Were Here
The incense in the air's so sweet
As the dust beneath my feet
Forms my path under the Moon
I wish to see you soon

Have you ever sat down to see
Wisdom in a banana tree?
To share this majesty
I wish you'd sit with me

To take you by the hand...
And walk the holy land...
I wish that you were here

I trust the Love Divine
Will find the perfect time
Still I wish that you were here...

In my grove I sing to soothe
The resting Master of the Flute
Your voice multiplies the grace
I wish you'd join the praise

The hills around all dance in light
They set aflame the deepest night
I know so well my dreams don't lie
Soon I'll cross your sky

Oh my love... Mi amor...

The memories come alive
I see your face in every child
I feel you be my side